Our Pastor

  Our Pastor  

Rev. James Andrews

I am a life-long Lutheran—Lutheran because of our tradition’s understanding of God’s grace as a free gift from God—and a second career pastor—having experienced God’s call after spending much of my life in sales and management, and nearly a decade in youth ministry.  My pastoral education was completed at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, where I received my Masters of Divinity degree.

One of my great passions in life is music, having sung in choirs and playing percussion and singing for church services in praise bands for a number of years. Besides music, I also have a background in theater which I have utilized in the churches that I have been a part of. I enjoy most all sports and outdoor activities including camping, hiking, fishing, canoeing, swimming, skiing, antiquing, gardening and barbecuing and most any activity that can get us outdoors.
Another one of my great passions in life is outreach to those in our community who are in true need. This is a passion that my wife, Laura and I have also passed on to our children. We have spent much time helping the homeless through local PADS programs and food pantries, feeding, sheltering and nurturing. I have also led mission trips to impoverished areas, mostly around the Midwest. I feel especially blessed to be a part of this Hope community that puts so much effort into care and outreach to the community.
My wife and I have two adult children, a daughter who lives on Chicago’s north side, and a son who presently resides in Malaysia. Oh—and also a cat named Zelda.
Family is important, it is the place where life begins and love never ends.  Family is at the heart of God’s heavenly plan for us. Just as your natural family makes sure you get fed and loved, so does the church family encourage and guide you as you grow spiritually, and helps support and care for you in your times of trouble.

We welcome you to experience the warmth of our caring family. Like all the others who inhabit this planet we share, we come here flawed and broken, but with HOPE. HOPE for today. HOPE for the future. HOPE that as a caring family of believers we will bring this same HOPE to a hurting world that desperately needs to know the love and care that Jesus Christ inspires in us. We welcome you to come join in that experience!

God’s peace,                                                                                                                                                           
Pastor Jim