Based on guidance from the State of Illinois and the Centers for Disease Control, your Worship & Music Committee is tentatively planning to resume public worship services at Hope beginning July 12, 2020.  This date has been chosen based on the date that our area is anticipated to begin Phase 4 of the Governor’s Restore Illinois Plan, when gatherings of up to 50 people are permitted, with appropriate social distancing and hygiene protocols in place.  In planning for this re-opening, it is essential that we identify the steps that are necessary to protect our congregation.  Here is what we currently have planned.  THIS GUIDANCE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
High-risk populations: Each individual is encouraged to consider whether going to church could adversely affect their health.  We understand that some may not be comfortable attending worship in the sanctuary.  With that in mind we will offer alternative seating in the large fellowship hall, with the worship service live-streamed to the TV in the room, to maximize social distancing. Those who are ill or exhibit symptoms are asked to wait until they are recovered before attending church in person.
Live-streaming:  We will continue to live-stream our worship services so that those who choose to do so may participate remotely. 
Capacity limits:  No more than 50 people will be allowed in the church at any one time.  This includes Pastor and any musicians, ushers, technical people and staff. 
Social Distancing:  Members should maintain at least 6 feet of separation between themselves and other people.  We have marked off the sanctuary to identify seating with 6 feet of distance between each space.  Members of the same family may sit together, but should maintain 6 feet of separation from the nearest other congregant.  We will be removing the stools and tables from the narthex to discourage social gathering.
Masks: All members must wear masks at all times.  The only exceptions are for children too young to walk, and for members with significant breathing issues. The Praise Team and the Traditional Worship Song Leader will have PVC/plastic barriers for their use, to minimize the potential for viral transmission while they are singing.
Singing and Group Recitation:  We will be participating in silent recitation of the Lord’s Prayer, the Creed, etc.; at this time we discourage group singing or recitation by the congregation. 
Communion: We have purchased individual, self-contained communion “kits,” each of which contains a wafer and grape juice.  We will be offering these for communion to minimize personal contact.
Offering: We will be providing a basket at the back of the sanctuary for members to drop off their offering upon exiting.  Envelopes and pencils will be made available in the narthex for those who wish to place their offering in an envelope.
General hygiene: All hymnals and other public materials have been removed from the sanctuary.  The order of worship and music will be broadcast on the projection screen or provided in individual programs.  We will be placing containers of hand sanitizer at convenient locations in the building, for members’ use.  We will be placing signs throughout the building to remind members of steps to prevent viral transmission: wearing masks, washing hands thoroughly, avoiding physical contact with others, not touching one’s face, etc.  We will establish a plan for disinfecting high-contact areas after every service.  Members will be encouraged to only allow one person in a bathroom at any time, and to limit contact with “high-touch” areas (i.e., door handles, etc.)
Sunday morning public Worship services at the church are cancelled through the month of June.

Starting May 31,
HOPE will continue to present on-line worship services
each Sunday morning on Facebook live:
8:30 a.m. Traditional Worship,
                      with hymns and sung liturgy
10:00 a.m. Contemporary Worship,
                      with music from the Praise Team
These services will include the reading of the Word, prayers, and a message from Pastor Andrews. 
 Although we are unable to be physically present together, we are all one in the Spirit, and united as God’s children in HOPE.  

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For information on the results of the recent Summer Worship Survey,
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Regular Sunday Worship Schedule:
8:30 a.m.  Traditional Worship
9:45 a.m.  Sunday School and Grounds for Hope Cafe
11:00 a.m.  Contemporary Worship




At Hope Lutheran Church, we gather each Sunday for community worship.  We are a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).  We offer a Traditional Service at 8:30 AM and a Contemporary Service at 11:00 AM.  Both worship services include music, the reading of scripture, prayer, responsive readings, a youth message, a sermon and an offering of gifts.  The weekly church bulletin outlines the service to make it easy to follow along.  We invite you to choose the worship service that best fits your worship style and your schedule.


This service follows our Lutheran traditions and worship with familiar hymns. Traditional liturgy and hymns from the Lutheran Book of Worship and other sources are sung and accompanied by the organ and piano. Special music is provided regularly by our choir, bell choir, and organist. Scripture readings and the sermon are an integral part of our worship. Holy Communion is celebrated at this service on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays each month.

Worship with a beat! This service incorporates contemporary music led by our Praise Team. The structure of the service is less formal, focusing on the weekly Gospel message through music, readings and the sermon. The Contemporary service includes Holy Communion every week.