What to Expect

  What to Expect  

What to Expect


We want you to feel comfortable during your worship time with us.  While you are here, we are happy to greet you, show you our church home and answer any questions you might have.




Ample parking is available on both the South and North sides of the building.  Handicapped parking is available near both of these entrances.  Reserved VISITOR parking is also available near the South entrance.




                                                                                      (South Entrance)




Handicap Access

Our building is fully accessible through both entrances.


(North Entrance)




Attire at our services will range from suits and ties to jeans and t-shirts.  In the summer, you'll even see a few folks in shorts and sandals.



Worship Information

When you enter the sanctuary, you will be greeted by an usher and given a weekly bulletin.  This is a road map to our service, and will guide you through the worship experience.  You may either follow the service using the bulletin or by viewing the large screen in the front of the church.  Either method will easily allow you to participate in the service.




Prayers for our community, our neighbors, our families, our government and our world are a special part of each service.  The congregation is invited to include special requests for those they wish to lift up in prayer.  Some pray silently, and others share the names of those they wish to remember in prayer, and you will be welcome to do so as well.



Youth Message

Children of all ages are invited to come forward and sit on the steps in the altar area to hear a special message directed to them.  Kids really enjoy this time, and the adults enjoy it as well! 




The Message

The message or sermon is a faith-based message that captures your imagination and connects God's Word to your life in an understandable and life-altering way.




Music and singing are a big part of our worship experience.  Depending on the service, you may hear our Praise Team, our Choir, or our Bell Choir perform.  The 8:30 service is traditional, featuring beloved hymns played on the organ or piano, while the 11:00 service features contemporary praise music led by our Praise Team.  You are encouraged to join in the singing as we praise God with our music and song.



Scripture Reading

In 1 Timothy 4:13, Paul encouraged Timothy to devote himself to the public reading of Scripture.  We celebrate God's message by reading scripture during our worship services.   We invite you to pick up a Bible located in the pew rack with the hymnals.



Holy Communion

Believing in the real presence of Christ, Hope Lutheran Church practices Eucharistic hospitality.  All who are baptized are welcome at the Communion Table.  Ushers will guide you in participating.  We invite children who have not received their first Communion to come forward for a blessing.