Beliefs and Practices

  Beliefs and Practices  




As believers of Christ, we celebrate the Lord's Supper.


We believe that we experience the tangible presence of Christ by eating the bread and drinking the wine.  These elements convey the presence of Jesus Christ to our assembly of believers. (Matthew 26:26-28, Luke 22:19-20). 


When we receive communion, we experience God's love and forgiveness.


All true believers of Jesus Christ are welcome to receive communion at Hope Lutheran Church.


Communion is served by tables at the traditional service, where you receive the bread, followed by the wine (either from an individual cup or common chalice).


At the contemporary service, communion is served by intinction, where the wafer is dipped into the wine, receiving both together.




At Hope Lutheran Church we follow the Liturgical Calendar

and use the Revised Common Lectionary, which celebrates the observances of festivals and seasons of the church year.


The principle of the Revised Common Lectionary is that during worship every week, you will be able to hear
passages written by the same author.  The RCL is structured into three one-year cycles: A, B and C.  The letter for each cycle represents the author of the text.

Cycle A: Matthew

Cycle B: Mark

Cycle C: Luke

Passages from John are read during holiday and festival worship services.


In addition to readings from the Gospels, Old and New Testament scripture passages are also part of the lectionary.