Employment Opportunities

  Employment Opportunities  
Hope Lutheran Church Youth Leader – Job Description
Hope Lutheran Church values and recognizes our youth as important members of our congregation.  The Youth Leader is a Christian adult who works with the youth of all ages.  He / She prayerfully and thoughtfully implements educational, social and service activities for our youth to promote their growth in Lutheran faith and values.
Reports To
The Pastor and the Youth and Christian Growth (Education) Directors on the Church Council
  1. Help the congregation get to know and appreciate our youth
  2. Engage and motivate the youth of the congregation for discipleship at and beyond Hope Lutheran Church
  3. Integrate the youth in the congregational life of the church
  4. Coordinate and develop programs and events for the following:
    1. Senior High Youth Group
    2. Middle School Youth Group
    3. Youth Led Worship Services
    4. Sunday School Christmas Program
  5. Assist in the coordination and delivery of the following:
    1. Confirmation education and alignment with pre-teen activities
    2. Sunday School (all ages)
    3. Vacation Bible School
    4. Youth Mission Trips
  6. Spend 10 hours / week at church in office hours, meetings, interacting with staff and congregation
  7. Be present for and participate in youth programs / events
  8. Attend Sunday Services at Hope regularly
  9. Pray regularly for each child / teen in the church
  10. Study the Bible in order to strengthen his / her relationship with God
  11. Collaborate with the Youth Director and Christian Growth (Education) Director in the recruitment and training of volunteers
  12. Network and collaborate with other youth programs in the area
  13. Participate in training or educational activities focused on working with youth, child protection and health
  14. Follow established safety and security guidelines for children’s ministry programs (background checks, screening of volunteers and safety)
  15. Provide contact information and be accessible to youth and parents – respond to e-mail, phone or text messages within 24 hours
  16. Include parents in programs and events
  17. Submit hours and activities monthly for review by the Youth Director
Qualifications, Skills and Gifts
  1. A committed and growing relationship with God / Jesus Christ
  2. Knowledge of Lutheran theology
  3. Contagious enthusiasm for youth and youth activities
  4. Responsible and reliable
  5. Strong excellent interpersonal, organizational and communication skills
  6. Ability to listen carefully and maintain confidences
  7. Willingness to work with and engage other denominations and religions
  8. Training and some prior experience in working with youth
Time Requirements
This position is part time – a minimum average of 20 hours per week in preparation and participation in programs / events and planning meetings is expected.  The Youth Leader will participate in mission / service trips and retreats as part of the minimum average 20 hours per week.  Hours will vary week to week depending on activities planned. 
This is a part-time salaried position - pay and vacation is at market rates commensurate with capabilities and skills.
The position is for a one-year term which can be renewed yearly if both parties are in agreement.
The Youth Leader has an opportunity to positively influence young members of the congregation at a critical time in their lives.  With the help of the Youth Director and other members of the Youth Committee, the Youth Leader can continue to grow in his / her relationship with God and knowledge in working with and teaching preteens and teenagers.  Financial support (in addition to the salary) will be provided subject to pre-approval by Youth Director, for education and training focused on best practices in working with children and youth. (e.g. Leadership Lab and National Youth Gathering)
Youth Program Success Criteria
Hope Lutheran Church has a vibrant, creative and compelling Youth Program that attracts people to our church. The number of families with kids coming to Hope Lutheran Church will substantially increase.  Hope will become more influential and able to share God’s love and advance God’s work in the community.
Our successful program will achieve these results:
-Young people at Hope Lutheran Church are recognized as important members of our congregation
-Youth of all ages and our congregation look forward to and participate regularly in youth events
-The number of youths attending functions grows
-Relationships with other congregations are formed
-Hope Lutheran Church is the “go to” choice for parents and kids to spend time other than at home
To Apply
Send your resume, cover letter, and three references to:
Hope Lutheran Church
1660 Checker Rd.
Long Grove, IL 60047
Or           email: hopelutheran-elca@comcast.net
Or           FAX: 847-634-2052
A background check will be done prior to hiring.
Questions – contact the church office - 847-634-2070