Congratulations and God's Blessings
to our 2018 Confirmation Class

What is Confirmation?

At Hope, the Lutheran tradition of Confirmation is closely associated to the sacrament of Holy Baptism. In baptism, we are made children of God. We are received into God's family in Jesus Christ. When parents bring their children to be baptized, they make a promise to live with their children among God's people, to bring them to worship at God's house, to share the Word of God with them, and to teach them the foundations of the Christian faith so that their children may come to love, trust, and serve God and Christ.
During the confirmation process, the church partners with parents to help them fulfill these promises made at baptism. Students learn the basics of faith and have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss faith with peers and adults. Students are encouraged to engage in service. Confirmation connects students to pastors and parents to support them in their spiritual journey. This preparation enables students to be grounded in faith, love, and knowledge of God's Word so that they are ready to be confirmed.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           But Confirmation is more than another classroom experience, it is more than a two year program – it is a ministry through which God is active in your life. Confirmation will help you to feel more at home in the church and regardless of your age, teach you ways to be active in the different ministries of the church. What God wants for us will not end with Confirmation. By the grace of God, we build on this foundation and continue to shape our faith as we journey through life with God at our side.                                               
Confirmation will teach you how your faith can be active in your daily life. It teaches you about the promises that God has made to you and how you can depend on those promises during your lives. We will learn about how trusting in God isn’t just something we hear about, but something we can do ourselves. At the end of the Confirmation program you will have a deeper, more personal and honest idea about what you believe and who God is. You will learn how to live out that faith in the church and world. It is our goal that at the end of all these classes you will stand before the church and make a statement of faith that is meaningful for you—a statement that will challenge you to live that faith all the days of your life!
Students in grades 7and 8 are invited to participate in the confirmation program. 

Confirmation Meets from 7:00 – 8:15 p.m. on Thursdays throughout the school year.

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