8th Grade Requirements

  8th Grade Requirements  
Hope Lutheran Church – Second Year Confirmation Class
(usually 8th grade)
After a period of study and preparation, our young people are asked to publicly affirm their baptism at Confirmation. Along with study and preparation, come some responsibilities and requirements.
We are asking you to join Pastor, the Confirmation Task Group, Christian Education and the entire congregation in partnership as you, the Confirmand, and your parents continue on this faith journey.
The requirements you are asked to meet as a first year Confirmand are:
  1. Attend all confirmation classes and be responsible for any make-up work if classes are missed. If you are ill or unable to attend, please let pastor know.
  1. Attend  a minimum of 28 worship services during the confirmation class year to include experiencing both traditional, contemporary and festival worship services. Please sign in each week in the attendance notebook across from the Grounds for Hope coffee bar.
  1. Attend a minimum of 24 Sunday school classes during the confirmation class year. This is 75% of classes in the Sunday school year.
  1. Submit 15 sermon notes during the confirmation year.
  1. Complete 8 service hours within Hope and in the surrounding community, of which a minimum of 4 service hours are to be served at Hope.
      -     Service hours at Hope include:
                      Acolyte at a service (required at least 4 times each class year)
                      Other options include nursery helper, usher, Sunday School Christmas program,
                      Youth group service projects, Confirmation class projects, etc.
      -      Service hours outside of Hope may include:
                      Community service – Boy/Girl Scouts, school service projects, fundraisers, etc.
                      (a note of 2-3 sentence description will be needed for credit)       
  1. Updates on attendance and sermon notes will be given, e-mailed or mailed to each family as requested.
  1. Confirmation class will not meet if local schools cancel due to weather.
  1. Students are encouraged to participate in the Jr. High ministry events of Hope Lutheran to foster relationships, community and service opportunities.
  1. Please communicate any special needs or extenuating circumstances to Pastor.
  1. All confirmands will write a Statement of Faith for publication in the Confirmation Service Worship Folder.
Thank you,
Pastor Jim: 708-372-6742 or jamesandrews16@aol.com
Church Office: 847-634-2070 or hopelutheran-elca@comcast.net
The Confirmation Task Group
Pastor Jim, Debbie Duffy, Juanita Wundsam, Tom Meyer