Women's Retreat

  Women's Retreat  

Calling All Ladies of Hope and Beyond!

Have you ever wondered why Jesus told such confusing stories or what if God wants more than you can give? At this year’s Women’s Retreat, Why is Jesus So Radical?,  participants will study Matthew and Luke, and they'll discuss what Jesus meant in many of his teachings and why it still matters today.  This is part of the Fearless Conversations curriculum and it goes way beyond the typical pat answers and fill-in-the-blanks of your average study. Fearless conversation is about an open dialogue, where women can discuss and relate to the Bible and to one another. In small groups, participants will dig into grappling questions that may not have a "right" answer, but they will explore what the Bible has to say. Each question is designed to get people thinking and digging deeper. As they discuss with others and share their stories, people
will get to know each other—and God—better.


Here’s the scoop:
When:  Feb.1, 2019 @ 6:30 pm to Feb. 3, 2019 @ noon.
Where:  Inns of Geneva National, Lake Geneva, WI.
Cost:  $291 single occupancy; $158 double occupancy; $114 triple occupancy; $92 quad occupancy.
All costs and meals included, even Saturday night dinner at Cafe Calimari!
Sign up in Narthex. Place a check payable to Hope Lutheran Church with "Women's Retreat” written in memo line in completed registration envelope and then drop envelope in the Fellowship mailbox in the church office.  It’s that easy!
Deadline to register is Dec. 9, 2019.
Questions:  Contact Joanne Johnson at (847)287-1407 or jorojo212@gmail.com or contact Kathy Whitehead at (224) 392-1565 or ramonakaw@aol.com.  Also, please visit our display in the Narthex where you can learn more and register.
Take time to relax, to make new friends, to worship God, and to savor your relationship with Jesus. we hope you’ll join us at Retreat 2019!


Some Pictures from last year's Women's Retreat: