Building Use Policies

  Building Use Policies  
Hope Lutheran Church
Long Grove, IL
(847) 634-2070
1.    The use of the church property shall be limited to organizations related to educational, religious, cultural, civic, and other activities of wholesome character. These uses must not interfere with the church’s use of the property. At any time, and without notice, the Church Council or Board of Trustees may revoke an organization’s privilege of using the church property.
2.    The director, head, or officers of a petitioning organization shall as part of their petition include a list of references, licensing requirements, and background training related to the requested use of the property. A certificate of insurance is required. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to investigate the petitioner in regards to their application.
3.    All groups shall respect the rights of other groups and God’s property.
4.   Each organization using the church property is responsible for the conduct and supervision of those in attendance.
5.    No materials may be fastened to any part of the building in a manner which will mar the church property.
6.    Under NO circumstances can alcoholic beverages or drugs be brought into the building.
7.   Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere on the church property .
8.    Hours: 6:00 a.m. until 10:30 p.m. The building must be clean, vacated, and secured by the group using the building no later than 10:30 p.m.
9.    Adult groups requiring nursery/child care facilities during their meeting, must use and remain in the designated area and supply proper adult supervision. This facility is to be properly picked up after use.
10. The groups must supply all equipment and supplies for refreshments. (coffee, cups, plates, napkins, etc.)
11. The intended use of the kitchen must be discussed with/approved by the Properties Director prior to the event.
12. Respect for God’s house including this facility should be left in good or better condition than found. Cleaning services may be supplied for a fee.
13. The Properties Director or Board of Trustees shall have the right to assign a particular area of use to an organization and to change these assignments as they see fit.
14. Any organization wishing to seek a dispensation to any of these rules, or present cause, must do so with documentation in writing, two (2) weeks prior to the next regular Board of Trustees meeting. The Board of Trustees meets on the first Monday of each month (unless the first Monday falls on a holiday).
15. Use of all other church equipment must be cleared with the Properties Director or Board of Trustees prior to the event.
16. The Board of Trustees or Church Council reserves the right to change, amend, or add rules to this policy as needs arise without prior notification.
Please Note: Failure to comply with the stated rules and regulations will result in your group’s meeting privileges being revoked.
Building Rental for one time usage (60 day notice required):
          Hope Lutheran Church Members and not-for-profits                           no charge except for weddings
          Non-members  and for-profit organizations                              
                     Small Fellowship Hall (25 people & under)                     $50.00/day
                     Large Fellowship Hall (25 people & over)                      $100.00/day  
                     Use of Kitchen                                                                   $50.00
                     Set-up and Tear-down                                                        $75.00
Building Rental for long-term usage will be treated as a cost-share agreement and must be approved by Board of Trustees and Church Council.  Please call the church office at 847-634-2070 for more information.
(Please Print)
Date: ____________
Group Name: ____________________________________________________________________________
Meeting Date(s): ______________________________________________________ Time(s): ___________
Purpose: _______________________________________________________________________________
Contact Person:_____________________________________________ Phone: ______________________
Address of Contact Person: ________________________________________________________________
Certificate of Insurance: Yes ___ No ___
Name of Insurance Agent: ________________________________________________________________
Approximate Attendance per Meeting: ________
Group is responsible for set-up/take-down of tables, chairs, etc. and cleanup of room(s) used unless custodial service requested. Please refer to list of Rules and Regulations and fees.
Request submitted by (signature): ________________________________________________________***
*** I have received a copy of the Rules and Regulations governing the use of Hope Lutheran Church property.